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Luxury Retro Silk Vase

Luxury Retro Silk Vase

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Dimensions :  L-7 B-7 H-14 inches

  • Handcrafted
    Each of our hand crafted gems takes several months of manual effort by expert craftsmen who have mastered this art over centuries. Every piece is unique and different from the other as it is handmade and while being true to our years old tradiMade from specially formulated clay
  • Premium quality
    We ensure that we use high quality materials and are checked for correct shade, viscosity, gravity, etc. The kiln temperature is carefully monitored to produce high-quality vases.
  • Enhance your decor
    Each vase is delicately crafted and features a beautiful design embellished with flora and fauna which is unique, adding luxury to your living room decor. It is perfect to be placed on a grand mantle in a traditional or contemporary styled room or placed in a bright, airy garden-themed space.


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