Sharing and Caring

Sharing and Caring

Festive time is about everything around us. Like they say in hindi, “खुशियां बांटने से बढ़ती है।” meaning happiness grows by sharing. Our belief in this philosophy is what drives us. It is the root of who we are. Just as we like to bring joy into your home with our handmade collections we also like to share your joy with the artisans who make it possible for us. It is this mutual existence and the happiness at the core of it that makes up our wonderful eco-system. As a premium home decor brand we at Folkstorys are always concerned for the well being of the artisans who make us as unique as we are.

It gives us immense joy to see how we can make a difference albeit a small one in the lives of those who share theirs with us. We have walked around the workshops to curate the best quality decor pieces that will not only adorn your home but also hold a special place in your heart. While doing so we realized that our interaction with the artisans is not just professional. We have built personal bonds with them and their craft. Folkstorys honor this relationship by not only sharing what the artisans deserve monetarily but also by sharing some of the benefits we get in the comfort of our homes these days.

The work done by these artisans is labor intensive and painstakingly creative. This leaves them with little to no time to take care of themselves or their families. We understand the importance of preserving one’s assets and health is of utmost priority in our view. A healthy craftsman is a happy craftsman. We have set aside a percentage of our revenue to ensure that the benefits of modern healthcare can be brought to these artisans. In one such effort we ran a drive for a complete body checkup in preparation for the festive season.

The drive not only included a full-body checkup for them and their loved ones but also discussions and sessions for spreading awareness about preventive care. It is our responsibility to ensure their well being as they are a part of our family. In every piece they create they put in their heart and soul. The least we do is share our joy with them to ensure that their hearts keep beating and their homes are lit with the festive spirit at all times.

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