Raising the Bar: Barware essentials for the season.

Raising the Bar: Barware essentials for the season.

With the season of friends and family getting together to celebrate occasions around the corner, we all want to put our best foot forward. You make the effort to set the stage with the food, right music and the mood. Having done all that, it is definitely not enough that you can pour a glass of wine or pint of beer from a bottle. One must elevate their game with the right bar essentials to add that flourish to the entire setting.

Now, by bar essentials I don’t mean just your favorite liquors stocked in your bar but also other things such as coasters, ash trays, icebox etc. What you serve is never complete if you don’t focus on how you serve it. Whenever I go out anywhere I always notice and find it very exciting to see how they serve a dish or a drink. So why not have your guests feel special by giving them a similar experience. An experience that they can talk about. I may not be a master mixologist but I sure can be creative with how it all comes together. 

I found a few pieces that I think make for a wonderful addition to one’s bar to bring that oomph factor. Let me share a few with you. I’ll start with this wonderful set of marble coasters with metal inlay.

These compliment any of your settings in their simplistic design and their natural colors. Handmade with marble they are strong and elegant just as their design, to take a lot of load.

Compliment the coasters with this beautiful Clover tissue holder which is perfect for outdoor or indoor entertaining. The lucky clover will keep the tissues in place for just when you need them.

Here is something that adds a wonderful touch of modern to any setting, the Montane Meena Spiral ashtray. The handmade design in itself is so exquisite that you almost miss the appropriately placed grooves in it to hold your cigarettes. It also makes for a perfect gift. 


Don’t you hate it when you have to keep running to the refrigerator to get ice. Here is a deceivingly beautiful solution to that, a chiller that looks like a pineapple. It is a purposeful piece for your bar but can very easily be mistaken for a sculpture at your table with its intricately carved realistic design.

Saving the best for the last, check out this collection of mugs. They remind me of the drinks served by the poolside or beach no matter where I am. These mugs make your party fun by adding that unique element to each drink. Use them to serve mocktails, cocktails or beer and watch your guests picking the mug they like the most and fits their mood the best.

On a closing note, entertaining is an art and the right kind of serve ware can take your art to the next level without much effort and set your parties a class apart.

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