Diwali Gifting Guide

Diwali Gifting Guide

Another year gone by and we again stand at the same junction of decisions. It is the festive season and one with much more celebration after 2 years of cautious gatherings. So while we gear up and decorate our houses, we also want to send out our love to our family and friends in meaningful ways.

This is the time of the year where we want to spread joy and share our happiness. But as always it brings us to the age old question of what would make for a good gift. A gift is not just something you give but it is a special memory you create for yourself and for someone you care about. This year the decision has been made easy with the wonderful handcrafted collection Folkstorys. Here are a few of my favorites from their wide range of selection.


1. Brass Gold Lattice Lantern

These lanterns are designed to be pure beauty. The artist has handmade the lattice design to allow the light to shine through all the sides making your space brighter. In its simplicity lies its elegance. Hang it around or place it on a table, to bring warmth to the space naturally.


2. Cake Branch Stand


Talk about serving up a storm. Serve it up in a Gold Branch Cake Stand. This platter not only makes the food served on it look stunning but also makes a beautiful centerpiece. The finish on this piece shows the craftsmanship and expertise of the artisan.
3. Golden Touche Tray


If you want to add panache to your table, this is the piece for you. The exquisite leaf design of the gold touche tray is a must have. Every vein on the leaf is hand carved to make the piece look absolutely real and natural. And just like in nature no two leaves are the same so is each and every piece in this collection.


                                                4. Glass Canister Jar


When it comes to beauty with utility nothing beats our traditions and this Glass Small Canister Bird Lid Jar. The jar has an embossed texture finish with a one of a kind metal lid with a crafted bird embellishment. This can be used to store your favorite snack for the festive season.


5. Majestic Coasters


If you want your guests to talk about how you serve as much as what you serve then use these Majestic Coasters. These are marble coasters with the golden metal elephant inlay can only be made painstakingly by hand. The elephants make them look like a strong addition to your regal collections.


6. Gold Stone Planter


In the environment today nothing says you love it like this Eco-friendly Gold Stone Planter. Use it to decorate any empty corner in your house. The planter adds an even greater sense of style and class to your house with a lovely arrangement of flowers.


                                                   7. Harappan Vase

Continuing our conversation about vases and spaces, this Harappan Vase is something that catches my eye. Just as history doesn't repeat itself, each of our pieces are different. Use this metal vase handmade to compliment your exceptional taste of decor. The antique look of the vase can enhance any space by itself or with flowers.
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